Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected from the parent community serving one-year terms in the following positions: President, Executive Vice President, Vice President Membership, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Historian, and an appointed Parliamentarian, Room Parent Coordinator and Hispanic Liaison.

The Executive Board meets monthly. These meetings are also attended by the principal, a staff member liaison, and the main committee Chairs. We highly encourage all parents to attend these meetings, as we welcome all voices and ideas on ways to raise money for and support Yountville Elementary School.

PTA Board and Chairs

Presidents- Michelle Dickson (4th grade parent) and Earl Knecht (2nd grade parent)

The President is responsible for managing day-to-day PTA functions. The President maintains communication with the PTA members, officers, principal, staff and teachers. The President recruits and appoints chairs for events and committees and board positions

Vice President – POSITION OPEN

The Vice-President assists the President and acts on behalf of the President in his/her absence.


The VP of membership sets attainable membership goals for the year. Attracts new members and retains previous members.


The Treasurer maintains all financial accounts of the YES PTA. The Treasurer presents a monthly Profit and Loss Statement and a Statement of the cash balance on hand to the PTA.

Secretary - Sam Bowman (2nd grade and 4th grade parent)

The Secretary records the minutes at the monthly PTA meetings and provides copies to the school office and to the Parent group electronically. The Secretary provides attendance sheets at all meetings, copies of previous month’s minutes, school event calendar, and flyers with upcoming school news at monthly PTA meetings. The Secretary prepares and sends correspondence on behalf of the PTA. This includes, at the President’s discretion, meeting notices, thank you letters, and other messages and notes requires throughout the year.

Parlimentarian - POSITION OPEN

The Parliamentarian advises the PTA during its monthly meeting on how to conduct the meeting according to Robert’s Rules of Order and PTA Bylaws.


The Historian chronicles activities of the PTA each year. The Historian assists the Yearbook Chair in accumulating photos for the yearbook and keeps track of volunteer hours.

Room Parent Coordinator - POSITION OPEN

The Room Parent/Volunteer Coordinator works with the teachers to compile a contact list of the designated room parents for the year. The Coordinator will hold an orientation meeting at the beginning of the school year to outline the role of the positions as well as the duties involved. Throughout the year, the volunteer coordinator will be in contact with the room parents and parent group as a whole regarding special requests for assistance with various school functions.

Hispanic Parent Liaison – Sonia Lima (5th grade parent)

To represent, interpret for and assist with involvement of our Spanish speaking parents at school events and the PTA.


The Auditor reviews and determines the accuracy of the books and records of the financial officers. The Audits are performed at the times specified in the bylaws.

Fund Raising Chairs:

Fun Run Chair: Dana Foster (2nd grade parent)